Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Well guys , It has been a big disappointment for you and of course for me , In not doing the trip as planned .
The problem with the engine is still ongoing although we now know the reason for it 's failure , one of the exhaust hoses pipes had a tiny leak and was spraying a fine mist of salt water around the air intake area , and so the engine was taking in water , this in turn corroded the valves so they would not seat probably and so we had little or no compression , The boat is out of the water at Marinas Formosa and the engine is being rebuilt , and I will take that time to make the bilge around the engine look like new again .
I was pretty quick to call it a day , when the gale came , and was left with very little choice after the engine problem , \I am currently sitting in an airport waiting for a flight home , where i will mull things over , I will also try and put a bit of vid and some pics on if I can ,
I am due to come out here ( Faro ) again fort a few days on the 5th july  and hope to relaunch around the 20th July ,

be in touch

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