Thursday, 2 June 2011


On Tuesday i hope to sail west to Faro and Olhiow where I will stock up with food for the trip, water toilet rolls snickers bars etc etc

My gaz bottle ran out last night so i will replace this morning , so i will have two full bottles ,.
My guess is that i should finally leave the hard stuff ( land ) in about a week I am checking the gribs weather daily to try and get a pattern and will use my spot GPS from today so you can get a bit of a handle on it

The trip down river was not fantastic in fact we had strong southerlies which caused quite a chop with the tide ebbing fast , we found a little spot to anchor and I had another meal on John and vanessa's boat and far to much wine again , but a peacefull night at anchor ,

Tuesday Morning

In the morningwith about 10/12 knots blowing from the south east we set sail and cleared the western breakwater and had a slow sail for two or three hours and then we decided to motor sail in company for t5he rest of the way as the wind died and t5hen came in stronger from the west , with the contra current/tide the boat was doing 5.5 knots but only 2.5 knots over the ground I eventually arrived about 1930 hrs and anchord in Culatra,

Wednesday 1st June

I upped anchor and motord round to a vacant pontoon berth , and my idea was to get all the shopping from Pingo and then trolley the lot round to the pontoon to save any carrying and it worked great, I was to late for all the fresh food so went back to culatra had a few beers and another very nice curry thanks to vanessa john and the old cat whose name I think eas Stan , During the course of all the procceedings i saw maggie and Humph on there wylo, I went back to catch up with them the next morning but they were all fast asleep I only wanted to tell them that they could use my mooring if they wanted on the Guidiana ,.

Thursday 2nd June

I put the engine on and came back round to the markets and was ready to stock the boat withh all the fresh stuff I could take
60 potatoes 3 cabbages 12 oranges 12 apples , etc etc , the stall was very helpfull and lent me a sack barrow and I loaded it all in the dingy and rowed out to the boat and started packing it all away , I then decided to change the oil and filter on the engine top up the transmision fluid and generally spray wd 40 around the place, i washed out the bilge and then decided to give the engine as go with the new oil, Batte3ry on swith over ( nothing ) try again ( nothing ) I could not understand it , i had not touched the wiring and the whole3 lot was dead , i spent half an hour aimlessly looking ( i know nothing about engines or electricity ), I started to get a bit of a panic attack and the migrane was about to start with euro signs before my eyes , But help may be at hand karol and old mate from a couple years back was anchord just behind me , so i rowed over to see if he new any one , dont worry said he i will come across with my multimetre and see if we can fix it, He came over straight away and went through everything, took about two hours , and then finaly I looked around the area , Or Karol did and we saw a great big socket and plug had parted company , probably where i was trying to get a container in to drain the oil i8 nhad disloged it Bingo that was it and we both smiled and the engine fired up,.
I put a string thru the bstalks of my peppers and hung stem up , apparently they last a whole lot longer ,
Gonna have dinner ashore tonight the blast of to Lagos at 0600hrs friday morning, the weather is looking good so I hope to be away sometime over the weekend.

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