Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hey guys, if you have been watching the spot and worried , plese dont i am ok after a about turn just north of Sines in portugal, I will write in full at a later stage but basicly the engine failed , and  had to then encounter a lot of wind , which forced me to backtrack , I am not sure as yet the next stage , but am pretty sure the trip will be abandoned from here on in , gotta be carefull with the battery power as untill I can get to a marina to charge I am depleting the battery's, should all be sorted in a few day's and may have to sail back to Lago's to get it all sorted , about 36hours or so , but right now it is blowing a hooooooooooooolie so I will sit tight and try and eat two weeks worth of food ,

more in a few days

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  1. Wondered what you were up to. Hope its not serious engine problems Roger (Ozzy the dog)