Saturday, 4 June 2011


Well , I left olhiow, and came out through the faro entrance about an hour after high water so the ebb was well under way , I could see the white water for quite a distance and managed to shut and lock everything ( me and this entrance have history ) I was motor sailing even though there was about 10 knots of breeze , i found the least devlish place to go out about 100 yards from the eastern breakwater , I had the video on for you all to see, but when I finally hit the overfalls I had to hang on for dear life as severall waves just came over the bow and raced along the side decks to try and get me , It put me flat on my pants and the camera waving wildly about so I am afraid that when you get to see the vid it wont give a true discription , never mind I got through ok and than headed west doing about 4.5 knots with all sail set , it lasted a couple of hours and then fell light so on went the beta and by 430 pm I was alongside the entrance to Portimao so decided to have a quiet night , next morning I set off after speaking with mission control on the skype and arrive at just about low water at Lagos , I filled up with diesal and water and checked in , she let me stay on the visitors pontoon cos I said I wanted an early start the next day ( ie sunday ), I went off to Pingo the supermarket and got a few bits and bobs  ( 4 more bars of chocolate ) because of an accident with it the night before,
( I ate a whole bar ) a man has to have a luxury, then caught up with an old mate of mine called ED, I then spent the rest of the day getting the boat ready for the trip ,. The weather looks fine and i shall be leaving lagos tomorow morning about 0730am , .... what that means is you wont hear from me again untill the trip is over and i get back to the UK but you will be able to see may daily positions if you click on the link on the front page , All those who sent me good wishes thanks very much it was much appreciated ,, and for all those who didn't well  Bo_____s and I hope you have a nice day , I am looking forward to getting started , and i know ther will be bits I hate , but at leaast i have six bars of chocolate and 14 snickers bars ,

so Falmouth here I come

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