Sunday, 11 November 2012


Well a lot a water4 has flowed under Simo and me during the last 15 months , she has been up for sale and had a few dreamers wishing but hey they are the losers because they could have had Simo at a snip of a price , but sorry she is now off the market out of the water and preparing for another adventure , We are out at probably the best yard on the Algarve where they care about wooden boats , and there craftsmen when you need them are second to none, no job is to big or to small for these guys , they are headed up by Sergio and the business has been in the family for thirty five years so if your looking for a great yard and great people Dias and Sabina tel  00351 916252908 and they speak great English ,enough said.

Simo has been languishing up the Guidiana for a while having the occasional outing to Culatra , but hey no great shakes just patiently waiting for her owner or maybe her new owner to take her out to play, Well it seems the owner has come to his senses, or hang on is he crazy, who knows ? but the upshot is she is hauled at Olhao and is having a spanking new paint job two new locker lids a bit of work on the boom and various other bits and bobs , It is now November 2012 England have just wopped France 46/4 at rugby league the sun is out chill con carne is simmering on the cooker and we are planning an adventure , are we planning an adventure !!! . it all started when I got notification of an OCC meet in the Azores in July the 10th to be precise , and I thought ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we are going to do that , but not alone I am getting a bit achy for all that with no sleep and stuff , so I had an email from a guy in Zurich , expressing an interest in going sailing in a Vertue , Call it fate if you want , I then sent another email out to a few guys who had expressed interest in buying Simo , yeh you got it the dreamers , I got a great reply from a guy in the states Maybe Canada, so now i have two guys willing to give it a go , but wait there is another guy that replied to my email and said he would do anything , and he actually has been on the boat (twice)  so i have three guy's now and have decided the trip will be leg 1 Algarve to Azores's,,, leg 2 Azores's,,,, to Ipswich  maybe stop for a pint in Falmouth . welcome to my crew, David who will do leg one, and Glen who will do leg 2 now we do have Cesar who is Spanish, and I am hopeful will agree to be my first reserve should the other two guy's have an accident ,, or more likely quickly come to there senses . . So that's the basics , i have seen a picture of David but have not seen the other guys pics yet. I will try and fill his blog with some interesting stuff and pictures maybe a bit of video, just to keep it interesting there will be no schedule, just as it comes . if my missus sees this blog she will go spare , she thought my sailing days were over !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Brilliant news.... keep it coming! :o)

  2. Too late!!! I've already seen it!! I've come to realise that there are some things that will never change. Love you loads xxx