The mother in law knitter of the Arran Wyn thank you
On the way home in the Limo
A bit scruffy Michael
The missus what would I do with out her !!
doing the Bilge
no more spay down my neck
New spray hood Faro 2011
AHA is that a warrior I see , foggy morn on the Guidiana
Good time's a plenty on the Guidiana

My Idol,s Hi Guy,s
Question, are we going south or North 2013
Bit of a beard and the Arran 2012
At Anchor off Culatra 2012
Leaving the Guidiana in 2011
Simo,s carved Dolphin ( there is a story )

Down river 2011
Gadfly 2 owned by a bloke called Shane 25 foot Gaff cutter , complete rebuild

Portugal March 2013 ,, nice one

Wow she is looking smart March 2013

The stick gets a good check over , March 2013

Deksolj but only 8 coats , March 2013

Easy does it !!

Maggie Robin and me watching the Welsh stuff the English at rugby March 2013

I am getting told old for all this

Very brave man , where are you now ???

Faro 2011

Unfortunately some yards are not to helpful , where they put the supports Faro 2011
Olhao 2011

Waiting for a haul out 2011

Pollensa Majorca 2009

Leaving Falmouth for Spain 11th July 2006

Lying on the Guidiana 2012

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