Monday, 1 July 2013


Hi Guy's and gal's , I am still in Horta and David has flown home , he has very kindly put some of the video Podcast stuff we took of the trip on you tube for your viewing pleasure you can access these by clicking this link          David goes under the alias of Buck
and the vids are   SIMO GOES TO HORTA   pt 1 to however many he manages to put up , keep checking back often ,
Just as an aside i will try and post another post before I leave for Falmouth, as some of you may know Glenn unfortunately had a heart attack just before he was to fly out , so was unable to make it , I have ads for crew , but so far nothing , I am intending to leave Horta on Thursday for Falmouth a total of 1208 miles , I will be alone and will let you know of my arrival , you can also follow my progress with the spot position on this site .

be good and well done Buck



  1. sorry to hear about your accident if you can call it that best of luck from all at rotherham model boat club hope to see you soon phil

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