Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Well , it is time to prepare and get ready for the next part of the trip , Horta to Falmouth , I will be leaving here at 0830 am on the 4th July , I do apolagise for the lack of blogs since i have been here but with having to sort it all out without crew has taken a tad longer than I expected , I hope you have all been enjoying the podcasts ( link in my last post ) and have had a good laugh at my expense . Last night I had a very enjoyable dinner with the Ocean Cruising Club , and met some new friends and also some old faces , the wine flowed and we all had a bit more than we should have , but hey that's what life is all about , the boat is stocked with food and water and I have 120 lts Diesal so if its light have 4/5 days motoring , the breeze looks good for the first week but then it turns into  easterlies according to the gribs
Tony and Derek enjoying a chat 

Mark the vice with two bottles of vice
another glass my dear Commodore
  just a bit of fun at the Azores OCC dinner that was enjoyed by all .

We couldnt get bacon for the trip over , but no mistakes this time , bacon butties 24/7, Just also want to say thank you to all the guy's and gal's who have sent me there  best wishes , it means quite a lot to know that when your alone you are not quite alone , and I look forward to getting together with you all on my return , and that does include the committee at my local yacht club .
simo waiting for the off tomorrow morning fresh varnish and she looks her best 

so that's about it from me any body fancy crewing when I get to Falmouth let me know by email and I will call you .

be good


Mick and Simo

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  1. Mick,

    Sorry to hear about the loss of Simo - but glad you're OK.

    Hopefully we'll bump into you (rather more gently) when we get to the UK.


    Bill & Laurie
    s/v Toodle-oo!