Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Albertina a craftsman with a smile at Dias & Sabino

Well guy's Ive been down here living on the boat ad off scraps of the land for nigh on five weeks , and what is most tiring is up and down the scaffold and the ladder up to the boat, so I am bloody knackered , also the n is not working on the key pad see what I mean, I have done so many jobs I can hardly remember them but Simo doe's look great , |I have had two new locker lids made at a reasonable price a bit of caulking on the top seam just under the rubbing strake and she has green lines now not fake gold leaf , The mast came out yesterday ad will be coated with deksolj ,,, 12 coats when i come back in February along with the anti fouling primer and anti foul proper ,, a lovely red this time , I have replaced the galley waste pump seals , what a job that was I could have been stuck for days in that little orifice ad not be able to get out , horrible job , found a birds nest in the lazarette , it must have been there a while co's the eggs were skeletons. The boom has been shortened about 4 inches so I am praying that now when we gybe the thing misses the back stays. I am also making up a kicker for the boom ( a strong one ) so that also should hold her down ,.

always eat your porridge

So tomorrow if is of to old blighty ad the cold wind and rain ad back to racing the brit pop for a while,
the covers will go on  tomorrow a quick clean up and Ill be ready , I did have a bit of a set back last Saturday , had cooked a bit of pork and wet down with a three day food poisoning gig just got over it now .
Deck works have all been painted just need to put a bit of none slip on the suicide area's coach roof has been varnished , toilet lid the wooden bit that hides it has a new brass piano hinge , the old one was just about dead I should have taken a picture of it, all the locker fids have been painted nice shiny white bowsprit been painted wykham martin furler is having new bearings and should be here before I leave tomorrow , checked all the fittings ad blocks on the mast all OK , i guess the boat is a ton lighter cos all the junk that has been on the boat for the last seven years and never been used is getting trucked back to the UK and that includes a 40 pound Luke fisherman's and 20 meter's of chain a great big chum another 20 pound Danforth ad old garmin GPS and  gear and loads more stuff , gotta make way for a load of good old English tin food for the trip and of course a life raft
paint work done on the topsides
 Next to me the is a sixty foot wooden yacht of Belgian flag  but owed by some french people Steff and Betty with there two grown up kids , they are setting of to the Caribbean soon, the boat is almost 100 years old and is a ketch , Ill try and get a pic for you tomorrow gotta say she looks a beauty,

just had a wash down

gotta do the name and home port,, later
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