Saturday, 21 May 2011

A few chores at home before departure

Well it is saturday the 21st May and I should be planning all sorts for the trip but here I am getting into the my new vegy patch , this is all new to me, before the spring I had never owned a pair of green wellies and could not tell the difference between a dock leaf and a carrott, but I have been learning and now have a vast knowledge, of the green industry , Jackie has of course helped, Today I have given everything a thorough soak and put up some carry bags as bird scarers, hope they work, later on this afternoon I will knuckle down and work out some menus and stuff like that and try and work out how much water to take ( My main tank only holds 40litres )so I will get some 10 litre bottles , Its funny really I am not overly excited about the trip, and whilst prevoius trips have involved loads of planning I think on this one most stuff is sorted ,I have been getting into the habit of checking the grib files for the weather, generally you can get a good forecast for 5 days, but as my trip could take up to seventeen days , I will just have to take what comes , the boat goes well to windward in all conditions under sail,In fact she love's it, it's me that's not to keen on bashing to windward, sitting on the toilet and cooking in a lot of wind cannot be likened to anything else I can think of ,,, I will also carry about 95 litres of diesel for when it is very light winds and bear in mind she uses less than one litre an hour and does five knots, that is quite a long range ( I'll let you work it out ), I should be on the boat by thursday and will give the spot gps thingy a go to make sure it works for you, jackie has just asked for a brief itinary and it looks as though the final departure from the great cape vicente may not be till about the 6th June ,we'll see, so all for now ,
take care

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