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24th May 2010 1400

24th May 2010 1400
Well today is the day I fly out to Portugal to pick up Simo and bring her back to the UK well Ipswich and the Orwell actually, I suppose the task ahead is beginning to dawn on me and whilst I know ther will be some great sailing there are undoutably going to be moments when I would rather be somewhere else.
My bag is packed right on the weight limit set by ryanairoflot, I am having to wear three shirts just to keep the वेइघ्त,, down plus cam corder and loads of other bits are in the pockets of my big sailing jacket, so it weighs pretty heavy,

we get to the airport and Jackie say's her goodbyes I go through to check in and breeze through without getting weighed , at security I forgot to take the net book out of my bag for seperate screening and they never noticed it , but they were very keen on a half used tube of sensodyn toothpaste, I had to wait 10 minutes while they tested it on a little stick with some chemichals, I got the all clear , but gotta say these security staff seem to have lost sight of what a terriorist looks like,,, I mean a suicide bomber dont normally take his wife and two kids on the plane ( unless I am mistaken )and that was the family in front of me ,the flight was on time and had a piece of pizza on chiabatta bread with a cup of tea , the tea was great but the Pizza was perhaps the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten and the whole lot set me back 8 euro's when I finished it I was idl'y looking at the label of the packet that the pizza came in and the red mist descended when I saw the sell by date, it said 24/4 I complained as one does to the flight attendant and she very calmy asked me to look closer at the date it said 24/4/2012, A BLOODY YEAR AWAY , so they leave these made up pizza in the packets for over a year before serving, O'leary need to spend some of the 41 million profit on giving food fit to eat ( nuff gripes) At least I missed the ash cloud.
landed fine and got a moody taxi driver to the little hotel in Faro It was now 2230 so I grabbed a sandwich and coffee and went to bed .
as I write I am sitting in the bus station waiting for the bus to Villa Real it leaves at 1100 and takes about an hour , when I get there i will have some lunch because my bus up to Alcoutin does not leave till 1700 hrs so by the time i get on the boat tonight it will have been a long day in the algarve sun,

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