Sunday, 15 May 2011


Well its the 16th May already and my flight out is on the 24th May I have ordered some new charts of the English channel and western approaches also another small waterproof camcorder to do the daily blog , a few Led's to hang up should I need to hove to at night, there does not seem to be much in the planning at the moment The boat is all ready really, I will give her a another coat of varnish before I leave and will stock up with fresh food at Olhiow market the day before departure , I will also do two or three day hops to get me right up to Sagres ( the bottom corner of portugal ) and then leave at dawn so I get a good spirt ouit and across the shipping lanes at Vicente before dark, I had a little work out on the chart to see how long the trip to Falmouth would be , and came up with 14 to 17 days, lets hope it is more like 14,I will obviosly do this blog right up to when i leave and have a wifi Signal and then you can watch my progress on my shared page ( link on front page of blog ) and then when I get back and have caught my breath will write it all up for you and give you the opportunity of getting a copy of the dvd If you want it of course,
all for now as I have to go to the doctors to get the all clear and pick up some serious pain killers ( just in case ),,..

More soon

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