Sunday, 23 June 2013


1600 hrs 22ND APRIL 2013 , Simo arrives in Horta after 10 days and 8 hours.

Simo arriving in Horta
 starting out with strong northerlies she headed out from cape Vicente and across the TSS ( shipping lanes ) with a large swell from the north east , in what turned out to be a very wet and wild ride for the first few days, Simo with No 1 Genoa and 8 rolls in the main maintained a steady pace with 4/5 knots being recorded. There will be more of the detail of the day to day bits and pieces of the trip and many photo's and short video's either on here or on you tube for you to enjoy in the day's/weeks to follow , but for now please see the first you tube video at  hope you enjoy .
we shall catch up soon ,,,,,
Mick and David

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