Tuesday, 4 June 2013


1 day till launch June 2013
Well I got the train on Sunday down to Southend after a fab Lunch carvery with the missus , she dropped me at the station and that was that , Journey down uneventful and only cost £ 27.00.
It was a hot day about time after all the freezing weather we have had so as soon as I got to the hotel I needed a drink , A few nerves I noticed , after all the months of preparation the trip was finally staring me in the face and in a few days , we would be getting on with it in earnest. I didn’t sleep that great , more to the worry of missing the plane than anything , the hotel was less than 200 yards to the terminal, took off on time and a couple hours later we landed , temp must have been 20degrees and it was not even 10 am , took a cab to the yard , and there was Sergio to greet me , almost like I had not been away.
I was worried that after my last visit I had left my Lumix somewhere on the cradle , so did a quick search but nothing  need not have worried cos next day it turned up as I was clearing the pile of junk from David’s bunk , I quickly got all the covers off her and got the hose on and cleaned all the decks funny how earwigs seemed to get up there but they did , just hope none found their way down below. I was almost daunted by the amount of work/jobs I had to do but one by one I ticked them off the list , there just seemed to be so much stuff around and instead of putting away I just seemd to move from one place to another, I sort of thought this could be the time I wished Simo was a forty footer, but somehow or other it all had to fit.
First job on Tuesday morning was the anti foul and once I had cracked that one, I could get back to moving stuff around again , at least it looked good


So here we are the yard have brought forward launch day to tomorrow Wednesday and will move her round to the slip in the morning, I guess high water would be around 2 pm , Today I got the flying jib basically on after having a last minute panic with  the bearings in the upper furler , all sorted now , got the liferaft packed up and ready to be lashed down, , idunno there just seems to be tons of stuff to do before David Arrives on Saturday  but you know it will all be done , and we can have a bit of a shakedown cruise on Sunday , I don’t think he realises just how cosy it all is.
Will try and get some pics of the launch tomorrow and maybe some video although not quite sure how to upload it . so sleep tight, and see you tomorrow.


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