Thursday, 24 January 2013


Sorry I have not updated you for a while but have been pretty busy with Lincoln Model Yacht club where we race 2 different kinds of Radio controlled yacht , as I am the secretary I have to pull my weight a bit and we have some important events coming up a few weeks before I depart on the main event , a couple of pics so you know what i am talking about the top two are working parties to improve our sailing area and the bottom one is to give you an idea of what the sailing is like

I have got a bit of food in because i know how difficult it is in Portugal , a lot of tins!!! I am now in the process of marking all the tins contents with a permanent marker and will then take of all the labels and dip the cans in a very weak solution of Varnish and turps mixed together ,, the reason is most of the tins will be going low down in the bilge and I have learnt from one little experience ( outlined in one of my other blogs ) that when the stuff get wet the labels come off and head straight for the bilge strainer so when you start to pump it all clogs up. below are some of the tins and stuff , but I will get as much stuff as I can and have it shipped over on a lorry , to arrive 1st week in March ,
Fresh food will be purchased the day we leave but more of that later 

in the bottom picture at the back you will see a box of red tins , this is tin butter that I had imported from Germany , because as you know we have no fridge or any way of keeping things cool and this stuff last for ever . also Below Glen has sourced a BEMCO 7" oven that will sit on the stove top , I am hoping the Fray bentos Pies will be a perfect fit ,
 also I have been perfecting making bread , with the mixes you see above and it is delicious , we also have a few nice little treats like sticky toffee puddings and treacle tarts in tins and also thick cream in tins as well , I don't think we will starve that's for sure , I have also brought a great book on fishing , so we will be trying to catch the odd meal . Finally got the life raft , and some other bits and bobs and all has to be ready for us to take to the shippers in Andover on the 5th February to allow plenty of time for it to be delivered to the boat .

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