Friday, 4 January 2013


Well Xmas is over and we start 2013 , During December I got a fair bit of kit from My friend Robin down at Morton boats .
Nice people and always handy when it comes to a bit off, I got the life-raft, new flares new fire extinguisher a new kicker system for the shortened boom , another tin of deksolj for the mast when I go out in March,a new pear anode, even got myself some new oilies and a bargain Henri Lloyd jacket was £ 99.00 now on the sale rail at £ 25.00, its green and you will see it soon when I pose for a picture , I got a load of stuff anyway and in a couple of weeks am heading off for the boat show , cos I need a new life jacket and also have a look round to see what else I am going to need.
It is going to be a busy Month because I am trying to sort out all the food menus and stuff like that , and my plan is because we don't have a fridge, to get a lot of tin food , you know stewed steak , spag bol, tins of ham , beans, and goodness knows what else , it will be a fair bit of gear and I will then       ( probably in the greenhouse ) take all the labels off after I have felt tipped the contents and give a coat of varnish , then we can stow low down in the bilge , which is generally fairly dry ( famous last words ) all will be fairly easy to get to and we keep the weight down low , so that is a fairly big job and I have to then get it down to the shipper in Andover before the end of the month, they will then deliver it to the Yard in March just about when we relaunch Simo , I will only be down there for 10 day's but there is a lot to do before launch and I want to get as much done this time, so when we finally go down in June we are not panicking , and can stock up on fresh food fruit and veg , milk and stuff like that, before we set of on the 20th June . I will be going down at least a couple of weeks before , and with luck get the boat round as far as Lagos, (pronounced lagosh) which will be a great setting off point,, David will probably come down by train from Lisbon a few days before we set off , so it will give him time to acclimatize, , As some of you will know I am a member of the OCC and this year there is going to be a big meet in Horta in the Azores , this is where David jumps ship , and Glen will join me for the trip back to the UK  Glen sent me some pics over Xmas so we can all see that he looks quite normal ,

 and not somebody who wants to embark on a long trip in a small boat. Just joking , I know the trip will hold a bit of weather that will not be to our liking, but when your sailing you take what your given , at least there will be plenty of food. David has been busy and has brought a new life jacket and a personal epirb both of which he has kindly said he will leave on the boat for the return journey to the UK , The next few months will fly by I know and i will update you with the plans and stuff as we go along . I almost forgot to wish you all a happy new year , so there that's done .
catch you soon .

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