Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Well , after organizing the Radio Marblehead Nationals at My home club Lincoln I was shocked to sit down and see the clock ticking . For those of you who are interested Racing Model Yachts is a passion of mine and late last year I agreed to put on a major event at our water , I gotta tell you it all went fantastic , and with some close racing the world champion proved his mastery by winning the event and adding National Champion to his long list of honors, It was not without a fight though , even though he looked tired after his recent marriage to Victoria ( just Joking ) , we presented them both with a belated wedding cake which I doubt lasted the journey home , Have a look at some pics and then we can start thinking about Simo ,
The wedding cake , only the best will do .

early briefing for the competitors 

a good clean start

the world champion

Our promotion gazebo with Chaz Colin and Clive
Pete then Brad
Brad then Pete

wind what wind
Ok so it went well , well for me I just hope the next two months go well , because in 12 days I fly down to Portugal , get all the covers off the boat give her a couple coats of anti foul , do a few minor jobs and 3 days later  slip her back into the water . I will then just motor round to the markets in Olhao and wait for Dave who fly's in on the 8th , we then need to stock up a bit on fresh stuff and go for a sail , a bit of a shake down probably head up to Portimao , and the on to Lagos which will be our final place for fully stocking the boat with fresh stuff for the 10 day trip out to Horta , Plan is to Leave as soon as we are ready , my guess is before the 14th which is a Friday, and we don't depart on Fridays ( sorry ) . I will be checking the gribs on the run up to our departure , but am thinking the Azores high should be well established by the time we leave , We will be meeting up with a few O.C.C yachts in Horta and are expecting some fun and games , cycle rides, dinner in the cafe sport and sailing in company to some other islands , I dare say we shall be climbing an extinct volcano somewhere, Hopefully David can do a bit of this stuff before he has to fly back to Zurich. I have just been to the Doctor's to pick up two months worth of prescription tablets as I will be away till the end of July, Had my haircut yesterday , and planning to go and buy some new sock and pants for the trip later this week. Most of you will remember the Dam Busters and as you know last week was the 70th anniversary, well me and Jackie were in the Dam Busters pub that night having a couple of pints and were treated to a fly past by the only remaining Lancaster, it was fantastic ,, well this Sunday there is a walk through Scampton airfield with a talk on all things about 617 squadron and the Lancs , I am trying to get a few mates to go along as well because I think it will be very interesting , I will let you know what is was like .
The Lancaster on Thursday 16th May 2013
 Jackie is out in the garden doing the lawn , amazing how it has grown in the last week , have we finally turned the corner on the cold weather, it really does seem to go on forever this year.
Glenn has been showing some interest in a Vertue that has been in a barn for the last 19 years, It is called Elusive Vertue , and has only had one owner since new , it is about 50 years old just like Simo , I cant give any more info at the mo as it is top secret , as Glenn wants to Buy a Vertue and sail back to the west coast of the U S of  A , taking in the French canals the  Med and Caribbean then thru the Panama , what a trip that would be , if it comes of for him , I just found out today his flight is booked for the 26th June , so he should be in Horta when we arrive, as he is just doing the return to the UK bit with me . We intend to stop at a few places coming up channel the first being Falmouth for fish / chips and a pint , probably Dartmouth , to see the Guy who runs wooden ships , and sometimes has Vertue's on his listing , all my cousins and family around Shoreham , then a quick dash to Ramsgate for a visit to the Royal Temple Yacht club . its all getting close now and I can smell the salt spray .
All those years ago, Simo leaving Falmouth Marina for the bay of Biscay .

      all for now catch up soon

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  1. Hello, i have really enjoyed reading your blogs and watching vids of Simo - it inpired me to buy my own Vertue - Drumler - in August this year. I read today on another blog that Simo sank in June 2013 between the Azores and England. Is this true? If so, I am really sorry to hear it; she was a beautiful bot.