Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Well doesn't time fly when your having fun , I just looked at the wall planner and added up the days till we get Simo back in the water , and ready for her trip , I have been busy at home and just the last couple of day's managed to do a bit in the garden , made a new piece of fence and put it up, had a bit of a bonfire , the Missus has been sorting out her plants and hanging baskets , and of course the dreaded weeding , funny but she's on her knee's weeding and I took a cup of coffee out to her ,, I just don't get it, I asked her if she enjoyed the weeding bit ,,,, !!!!!!! yes she said I really enjoy it , when I clear a space and its nice fresh soil" ( dirt I call it ) "it gives me a great deal of pleasure ,, "what I don't understand" she said "is how you get any pleasure out of sailing ,, either the models you race,  or even worse , out on the Ocean where you are wrapped up like Michelin man freezing cold and some body keeps throwing buckets of salt water at you ,,, how is that fun" , and somebody please tell me what a pleasure sea sickness is cos I just don't get it "  we finished our coffee , and without another word spoken ,,,, agreed to disagree ,

Funny really but a good job we are all different , I have been practicing a bit of elementary baking , in preparation for the trip, cos as you know we now have a little oven , OK I have perfected the bread loaf , and very tasty that was to and two day's ago I tried a recipe for carrot cake, at this stage i should say that both the missus and me are on a diet ( slimming world ) and hats of to us she has lost a stone and I have lost a stone and a half , now when she saw the carrot cake with all the lovely frosting on top she went bananas,, " how can you do this the day before we go to fat club " she said , so I put it in the fridge , at a guess I would say it lasted no more the 2 hours in the fridge, when we both had a little try ,,, It was Delicious,,,,  I mean not just tasty but bloody fantastic

bloody delicious                                         
 and this is all that's left after 24 hours ,,, Now , I guess I will be doing most of the cooking on the boat , and If every now and then I can conjure up something like this , I am confident the crew will be happy ,, I also have some tines of thick double cream on the boat shrrrrrr don't say a word . I looked at the grib files earlier today and whilst it is still early days the Azores high is fighting and pushing the lows onto a higher latitude than we have seen the last month or so , David is the expert on these things, and we are both hoping the high establishes early this year , and strays a little more North than normal , whatever it is we shall deal with it , I got a hero go pro camera for the trip so we will have plenty of on board footage to sift through , I am hoping we will do a kind of video blog every day , and discuss how we feel and all sorts of stuff the camera is waterproof as well so it don't mind getting wet , not like the missus ,. well that's about it for now , I am busy planning the Radio Marblehead Nationals that are being held at our club in May , its a big event and the world champion and all the best talent from the UK and Europe will be there , so we must work hard and get it right for the competitors ,
hey see you soon

Mick David and Glenn oh and of course Simo

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