Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hi everyone , It has been a while since I posted an update , so after a thrilling weekend in Portishead i flew out of Bristol on the Monday morning , the pilot warned of strong wind and rain and said it may get a bit bumpy ,,  well we landed OK but it was like a monsoon , and to cut a short story even shorter today Sunday almost a week later is the first day it has not rained , and we all went off to a very expensive 5 star hotel to watch England win by the skin of there teeth against Italy , It is now almost ten o'clock so i doubt if I shall finish this tonight , The plan was to launch Simo this weekend and take her round to the Guadiana river where i have a little mooring , I had a fair bit of work to do , Prime the bottom ready for anti fouling , coat up the mast with Deksolj and re step plus a whole host of other little jobs , I had been looking at the grib files all week and there was to be no let up in the weather rain and all , I managed to get the mast rubbed down , but could not get any ACID OXYLADO , to get rid of the grey area's , I finally got it coated on Saturday morning having already aborted all plans to launch this month , and told David not to worry about coming down this time ,
I got on and did the best I could and two hours after doing the mast the heavens opened , but i think it had tacked of enough , so the mast goes back in on Monday , i have checked everything and put a new radar reflector up to replace the old one from the sixties ,
I manged to get the primer on and next day with help from a nice french man we rushed around and got a coat of anti fouling on , I got the name on in a howling gale of wind so it may just look a little crooked .

The mast don't look to bad considering ,
So all in all the jobs have come together OK , I am still happy not to have gone ahead with the launch because it is blowing force 7/8 outside , with pretty big rollers and the entrance to the river just ain't very deep with a foot or so clearance at low water , and of course I didn't want to put David off before we got started .
When the boat is out of the water everything seems to be in a mess, and when it's raining and your trying to do stuff under a tarp it's even worse , by the way the ten boxes of food and stuff arrived OK from the UK I was a bit concerned about where it was all going to go but after hoicking it all up on deck in a bucket and the stowing down below I can tell you i slept well that night , and was so surprised that it all went in easy as pie , i reckon there is enough food for a year in those lockers , and we still need fresh when we finally go ... we look that's it for now I will just do a spell check and then publish so you will get it soon I have also done the spot update and will try and put that in the next post in a couple of days ,
all the best from rainy Portugal


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