Friday, 1 February 2013

What a job , What an oven !!!

Well all the tins have been stripped of their labels and have been dipped in a mix of varnish and turps , a lot of the tins will be going down in the bilge and it may just get a tad damp down there so at least the tins will not rust ,
Yes that is snow on the ground outside and I had two fan heaters trying to keep the greenhouse warm because Jackie would not let me do the job on the living room carpet !!!!!!!!!!!

the tins took a couple of days to dry and were then packed in boxes ready for the long drive to Andover where the shipper is located 

yes I look drunk probably the fumes ,, any on to a brighter note the backpackers oven arrived from the states courtesy of Glenn and we have had a try out ,it is brilliants, packs up real small and we are now able to have fresh home baked bread steak and kidney pies , scones and lots of other nice things , so here it is 
It just sits on the burner on the cooker , probably have to find a way of tying it down and bobs your uncle , when you have finished with it it folds away in seconds it is fantastiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic .
one final thing is David and I have got new spin lock life jackets, and you may remember I got the life raft from Morton boats  , it will strap onto the boat just in front of the mast , like the old one did 

we are off to the shippers first thing Monday morning so the stuff all gets to the boat in Olhao when we go down at the beginning of March , to relaunch and just finish some odd jobs , In the next issue I will tell you about a new video camera I have got just for the trip, There will be plenty of footage that's for sure , so till next time

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