Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Well it is late April and my thoughts are of the trip I want to make this year.
Simo has been in the sun for the last few years in the Med and on the Algarve, and I want to bring her home to the UK, the Orwell to be exact on the East coast. I am more than likely to do it single handed, trying to entice someone on board when the life raft is three years out of date just doesn't seem right somehow , not that I am thinking of using it anyway , but you never know .I have been repainting Simo and doing a bit of work on her over the winter and last week returned her to her mooring on the Guidiana at San Luca, where my mates Robin and Sue will keep an eye on her.
She was out of the water most of the winter and although protected from the sun when she went back in, we had a few leaks that should take up in a few days.we also had a new spray-hood fitted that will help protect me on the trip back.

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